Jurnal Geosains Kutai Basin Volume 4 Number 2 in 2021 has published three articles in the geoscience field. An article discussed The Influence of Inherent Moisture on Calorie Content Values in East Kalimantan Coal (Case Study of IM Data and Calorie Data for 2019 at PT. Geoservices Samarinda). Then, there is an article Study of Changes in Moon Phases on Tidal and Slack Water Saddle Values from the Hijri Calendar. The article discussed to Identification of Coal Distribution from Well Logging Data Using the Cross Section Method (Case Study at PT. Khotai Makmur Insan Abadi, East Kalimantan) has been published in this volume. All of the published articles are available to all users worldwide. Thank you to the entire team of authors who entrusted their scientific articles to the Jurnal Geosains Kutai Basin for publication.

Published: 2022-01-14