Author Guidelines

The authors must refer to Basis: Jurnal Ilmiah Matematika for writing format and style (Please download and use as template for manuscript submission). Anypapers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

  1. Abstract: Use 11 pt Cambria font for body of the text with one spacing between lines, and 12 pt spacing for the next heading. Left and right indent 0.5cm. Maximum length 250 words. 
  2. Keywords: use 10 pt; italic; write alphabetically in 5 words (maximum). 
  3. Introduction: .Use 12 pt Cambria for body of the text with one spacing between lines, 12 pt spacing between paragraph and 18 pt spacing for the next heading. To set the style, simply use this template and follow the instructions on section 2.
  4. Style and Formatting: This template already set the style and formatting for the paper.
  5. Matematical Formulation: Equation should be type with indent 1.27 pt, and numbered consecutively starting with (1) set flush right.
    To set the style, type Equation in the style box. But this style only set the tab stop position. To put the equation on the right place just press tab button one time. And to type the equation number, press tab button once again from the right side of the equation.
  6. Length: Maximum length of article is 16 pages including all pictures, tables, nomenclature, references, etc.
  7. References: Within the text, references should be cited by giving last name of the author(s) and the order number in the reference.
  8. Appendix (if necessary).
  9. Manuscript Content:The contents of the paper should be in the following order:
    1. Title of Paper
    2. Author names and affiliation
    3. Abstract
    4. Body of the text (Introduction ………. Conclusion)
    5. References
    6. Appendix

    Article is written on one side of A4 papers.