Plagiarism Policy

Jurnal Geosains Kutai Basin have a policy of screening for plagiarism must be original (plagiarism-free). The submitted paper has never appeared in any media and/or will not be submitted in any media in the future. The author is responsible for the submitted manuscript's authenticity. To prevent plagiarism, all articles to be published will be checked for authenticity using anti-plagiarism software Plagiarism CheckerX or Turnitin, with a maximum score of 25% and maximum 5% from each resource. Any high-level plagiarism (more than 70%) will be prohibited (temporarily to permanently banned).

Plagiarism is unjustified and will not be tolerated by the Jurnal Geosains Kutai Basin editorial team. As a result, we established a policy for specific actions (punishment) if plagiarism is discovered in an article submitted. Plagiarism is an intentional or unintentional act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit or value for scientific work by quoting part or all of the work and/or scientific work of another party recognized as scientific work without appropriately and adequately stating the source.

The author is also asked not to submit the same article to other journals submitted to Jurnal Geosains Kutai Basin. The same sanctions apply if proven and discovered during the review process or after publication.

Besides the above actions, all decisions are the editorial team's full rights to act per the editors' policy.