Focus dan Scope

Journal Geosains Kutai Basin is a peer-reviewed and scientific, review of recent developments, and case studies in a specific field of geophysics. Publishes original research articles and open-access journal that is meant to provide as a medium for geophysical science publication.

Jurnal Geosains Kutai basin is published annually with two publications in February and August.

Focus and Scope :

  1. Coastal and Ocean Dynamics
  2. Environmental of Geophysics
  3. Geodesy and Geography
  4. Geographic Information System
  5. Geology
  6. Geophysics Exploration
  7. Geotechnical/ geo-engineering
  8. Hazard Mitigation
  9. Hydrology
  10. Meteorology and Climatology
  11. Mining Engineering
  12. Seismology and Volcanology
  13. Oceanography