Morfologi Dan Morfometrik Spermatozoa Ayam Nunukan

  • Fikri Ardhani Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Mulawarman


The fertility of a rooster is not only influenced by motility,
viability and DNA integrity of the spermatozoa but it is
determined by the morphological integrity of the spermatozoa.
This study objectives to determine the morphological and
morphometric spermatozoa of nunukan rooster, one of
Indonesian germplasm. Rooster’s cement was collected using
dorso-abdominal massage method. The cement was stained
with a combination of eosin Nigrosin. The stained cement was
used to observe the morphology and measurement of the main
parameters. The morphological was evaluated using a
microscope with a magnification of 100x as many as 100
spermatozoa. The spermatozoa morphometric were analyzed
using the Raster Image program and its were identified the head
dimension, the head length and width, the mid-piece length, the
tail length, and the ratio of the head and tail. A nunukan rooster
spermatozoon in average has total length of 86.724 ± 12.496
μm with a head length, the mid-piece length, the tail length is
12.766±2.307 μm, 4.220±1.127 μm, and 75.738 ± 9.061 μm,
respectively, while the head width is 1.391±0.244 μm, and the
the head: the tail ratio is 1: 5.9. The morphologically normal
percentage is 80.50 ± 9.40 %. In conclusion, the characteristics
spermatozoa of nunukan rooster due to morphology,
morphometric, and morphologically normal percentage aspects
are within the range of other types of rooster in many previous

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